Maple Ideas!

Start your day off by adding maple syrup to your coffee instead of cream and white sugar. Maple is a great alternative to white processed sugar because it contains antioxidants and essential minerals. Maple is a great american-made natural sugar!

In a smoothie to add some sweetness. Experiment with peanut butter powder, raw cacao powder, frozen bananas and almond milk can be a delicious treat.

Add a dollop to sweeten your tea. A dash of cinnamon and ground ginger to your tea can make a comforting warming mixture for cold winter days.

Some great cocktails can be made with maple syrup. It can be an easy replacement for simple sugar. Maple syrup added to a little bourbon, whiskey or rum can make a smooth and delicious drink.

Sweet and meat go together well. See our recipes for meat marinade recipes that are too good not to try!

In baking, maple syrup can be used in place of white table sugar. You can replace 1 cup of white sugar with 3/4 cup of maple syrup while reducing another liquid by 3 tablespoons for every cup of maple syrup used. Maple syrup is brown and not white which will darken your baked goods and they’ll brown quicker.

Sweeten your morning oatmeal by topping it with a bit of maple syrup. For an extra decadent breakfast to start your day, try your oatmeal with our Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup or Rum Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, you’ll never go back to regular!

With vanilla bean ice cream or your favorite flavor, pour some syrup on top! Makes delicious ice cream even more delectable. Try it with the Bourbon Barrel Aged or Rum Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. Makes a great dessert!

Blend maple syrup in a blender with a few scoops of ice cream and some milk. Boom! Maple milkshake! Delicious!

Roasted veggies in a pan are fine and all but what if you pour a little over them in the pan. The sweet and salty combo can make any tricky veggie eater scarf them down!

Maple goes well with mustard and a bit of olive oil and from that base the possibilities are endless for all kinds of salad dressings.

Glazed nuts! The ratio we’ve discovered is about 1 pound of nuts to 1 cup of syrup. We recommend pecans, they’re our favorite!

Add some maple syrup to your hamburger meat to compliment the savory fixings on your burger or keep it sweet!

Mix maple syrup into your barbecue sauce to give it an extra kick of sweetness

Check out our recipes!

1 thoughts on “Maple Ideas!

  1. Gene Gaffey says:

    I put Maple syrup on oak meal with cream grits and cream of wheat. In Virginia one morning I asked for grits. The waitress was surprised a Yankee liked Grits. When I asked for Maple Syrup with them, she made a face. I told her they were “Yankee Grits”. She said, “I still find that disgusting.” I got the syrup But I’m probably part of the lore in a little town high in the Appalachians. We do our best to spread the culture of Northern New England to foreign lands.

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