Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ

What are Shipping Options?

We are now offering FREE shipping on all orders! There are quantity discounts, so if you are purchasing two or more of an item you may notice a big savings.. 

How long will delivery take?

We are a small family run operation and we do our best to get packages out in a timely manner. Between our busy schedules and USPS delivery times, your package will typically arrive within 4-5 business days.

Can we visit the farm?

Sometimes! Let us know when you want to stop by and we’d be happy to show you around if we are around.

Do you have a brick and mortar store?

Some day, but right now we stay busy with our sugar house and dairy farm. If you want to come visit, we are usually around and don’t mind giving private tours with a day or two notice.

Can we see maple syrup being made?

YES! In the springtime, sometime between January and April, we boil sap at the sugar house in Underhill, Vermont. Follow us on Facebook to watch for posts when we are boiling, and stop in! You can also see us boil during open house weekend in March every year.

Can I find your syrup in stores?

Not yet. We are working on building our maple empire and if you’d like to carry our products in your store, or know a local store in your area who would want to carry our products, please contact us. However, you can find us at many festivals in the New England area.

What if my package is stolen?

As a small business, we used to try to replace all packages that were stolen off our customer’s porches. Unfortunately, as this crime has increased,  we cannot replace these packages anymore. We strongly advise our customers who experience mail theft to find alternative options with their mail carriers to have secure drop off locations and to avoid this in the future.

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