maple syrup farmer

Old Fart

Fifth Generation.

This guy has put in two lifetime’s worth of work. He’s a Vermont organic dairy farmer, a sugar maker and even found time to run the Boston Marathon in his life.

maple syrup farmer

Lead Sugarmaker

Sixth Generation.

Here is the brains and brawn of Moose Mountain Maple. William has been milking on the dairy farm and making maple syrup since he learned to walk. 


maple syrup farmer

Impulsive entrepreneur


Natalie loves an adventure! You’ll see her at festivals all over New England selling our maple products and kettle corn.



maple syrup farmer

Taste Tester

Seventh Generation.

This little guy is an up and coming farmer! 


Taste Tester

Seventh Generation

Lavender is the stealer of maple candies and the licker-upper of syrup spills..


maple syrup farmers

Sap Farmer

Sixth Generation

Between fixing leaking pipes as a master plumber or preaching, Pastor Ben is working in his adjacent sugar bush and cherishes the sugar house as a place of gathering for sap, friends and family. 

maple syrup farmer

Sap Farmer

Sixth Generation

A former engineer, Andy quit the 9-5 to pursue sugar making full steam. He gathers organic sap on multiple nearby parcels, and is always interested in expanding. Call him, he’s ready to make you a deal. 

maple syrup farmer

Little this n that

Nobody really knows what Christine’s job description is but she shows up to light a fire under our butts. Except if Christine’s mom is reading this, she is doing great and you shouldn’t worry.


Diversity Dabbler

Our resident PhD, MBA, B.S, M.D., CPA. Currently training us for our own jobs and wandering around the woods muttering “living the dream” to himself. 

maple syrup farmer

Seasonal Helper

No matter what, Zach looks happy. Also, he’s a super hard worker splitting firewood and he helps out with boiling at all hours of the day.




Malloy is on it! She’s packaging away and making sure you get your orders on time! If the candy is broken it’s her fault!



This guy… 

maple syrup farmer harry

Forever Missed

Harry will forever be remembered as our Knight in shining armor who showed up whenever we needed him most to help us with whatever we had gotten ourselves into.


We wholeheartedly appreciate everything that these folks do. We wouldn’t be able to do it without them. Thank you!

-Natalie, William, Hazel and Lavender

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