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Our Vermont Maple Syrup 


What sets our maple syrup apart? We save the very best tasting Vermont Organic maple syrup we make each spring for ourselves and for our customers. Seriously, we taste every barrel and set aside the ones that make us say “wow”. As a result, Moose Mountain Maple syrup is absolutely fantastic! We are also Certified Organic, which means our syrup is free from lead, additives,  pesticides, and allergens (butter, bacon grease, etc are not used as a defoamer). Try our Vermont Organic maple syrup, you’ll love it!


We look forward to being your Vermont maple connection. Welcome to the family!

– Natalie, William and Hazel

Why Choose Moose Mountain Maple?

Why choose us for your maple syrup needs? Our farm is tucked at the end of a dirt road in Underhill, Vermont.  We (the Butler Family) have been making syrup on this land for seven generations and we are proud to still be family owned and operated. We have always been stewards of the environment, and our woods management plan guarantees our farm will be viable for many more generations. While we wholesale a large portion of our crop, we are looking for ways to connect directly with our customers and avoid the middlemen. Buying directly from us gives you a great deal on syrup while we make more income from our own crop, and continue our way of living. We are proud to be Vermont maple sugar makers and dairy farmers, and we must stay innovative to stay in business. Our farm helps to provide a living for four Butler families, as well as several employees we consider family. Take a minute to check out our online store! 


Organic Maple Syrup


My mom swears our Organic Maple Syrup is the best tasting syrup in the world! It must be true!

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Barrel Aged Maple Syrup


Aged in Oak Barrels, this syrup is absolutely decadent! 


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Sample Box


Can’t decide which to get? Our sample box is a great way to sample all the delicious syrup we offer.

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We will be on the road again in 2023! We have a few events scheduled around New England this year. 

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I have not met a nicer family of hard working Vermont farmers than the Butlers. Happy to have them as neighbors.
And their syrup is delicious. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a shot of their hot maple syrup fresh out of the evaporator! Check them out.

Wayne Norris / Facebook

A great place to get a real taste of VT, from the excellent syrup, to the family history. Love it!

Jessica Spaulding / Facebook

I bought some Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple syrup at the Vermont Ren Faire and it’s amazing! I’ve purchased some bourbon barrel maple syrup from other places before but this is definitely the best I’ve ever had!

Jen Challies / Facebook