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Family run for too long.


Moose Mountain Maple is the new name for a very old tradition in the Butler family. While many things have changed, including becoming certified organic in 2009, boiling the syrup over a wood fire remains a tradition to this day. Each year the farm uses about 80 cords of firewood to boil sap from over 23,000 maple trees!

In 2009, we purchased 154 wooded acres adjacent to our family dairy farm and in 2016, our brother and cousins purchased two additional adjacent wood lots. All the sap is sent to the same sugar house, and together the farm is managing over 500 acres of certified organic sugar woods, and boiling over 23,000 maple tree’s sap!

19?? 18??

Operating for over 100 years


Gallons of Sap Boiled Last Year


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“I’d Tap That”

~ Natalie

William Butler is the hardest working sugarmaker I’ve ever met. The only thing he does better than sugaring is hunt. I want to grow up to be just like William Butler.

– Ben Wilcox


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