Why Certified Organic? 

Many people ask us “isn’t all syrup organic, it just comes from a tree?”. While most modern sugar bushes operate in a safe way, the only way to guarantee your syrup is made in a clean, lead free and ecologically sustainable manner is to make sure it is certified organic.

Our organic sugar bush is inspected annually by VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers).  VOF is the accredited certification agency owned by NOFA-VT. Along with testing the syrup for lead, some of the things they require are:

  • A sustainable Forest Management Plan
  • Organic Defoamer, such as organic vegetable oils, must be used. GMO products are prohibited.
  • Tapping Management: trees must be 9″ in diameter in order to be tapped. Taps must be distributed evenly on the trunk
  • Production Equipment:
    • All equipment that comes in contact with syrup must be made of food grade materials.
    • All galvanized equipment that comes in contact with sap is prohibited, with the exception of galvanized buckets.
    • All new equipment must be lead free. Those using older equipment with must test their syrup annually for lead contamination.

For the NOFA regulations for certified organic sap and syrup, click here.