Our Family


This is our family. We met back in high school in the early 2000’s and after dating nearly a decade, we tied the knot in 2013. We welcomed our beautiful son in 2015 and he makes the seventh generation of the Butler family to live in Vermont and make maple syrup on the Butler Farm. 

Year round you will find us cutting and splitting 60 cords of firewood, maintaining and replacing tubing in the woods, building pump houses, canning syrup, making maple candy, or preparing for markets. January through April are our busiest months when we sometimes spend days at a time at the sugar house boiling around the clock  to stay ahead of the sap coming down the hill. After the season, there isn’t much down time before haying season for the dairy portion of the Butler Farm, and May through September you may see William in one of the many fields we maintain around Underhill, mowing or baling hay. In between haying and sugaring, we attend a few markets in Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut to sell our own maple syrup products and cotton candy. 

And in his spare time, William stays busy on his father’s organic dairy farm where they still milk about 55 cows twice a day. 

In 2009 we were proud to be able to expand the sugaring operation William’s great, great great grandfather started when we purchased  an adjacent wood lot to the family farm. In 2016, William’s brother purchased another adjacent wood lot and added several thousand maple trees to the farm. Our cousins Ben and Andy also bought an adjacent wood lot that year, and expanded the farm yet again. Together, the Butler boys are managing and boiling over 500 acres of sugar-woods and 22,500 taps.



Running a dairy farm and sugar bush takes a lot of work. We couldn’t do it without the help of our family and friends.


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